St. Paul Search & Rescue Team


President - Rob Duffy

Past President - Ian Fox

Vice President - Ken Gerlinsky

Treasurer - Penny Fox

Secretary - Janel Vandervoort


Planning Section Chief - Peter Bednarchuk

Planning Deputy Director - Travis Cusack

Operations Section Chief - Robert Tymofichuk

Operations Deputy Director - Dean Willich

Logistics Section Chief - Clayton Jeffery

Logistics Deputy Director - Steven Lajimodiere


Armand Boucher

Brittany Brault-Mahe

Doug Millar

Duane Fleming

Gabrielle Dixon

Glenn Andersen

Kathleen Gerlinsky

Ken Dion

Lance Skoog

Luc Billo

Marion Desmond

Ramsey Mudryk

Shelley Tymofichuk

Tannis Baerg


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