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Are you intrigued by stories about wilderness rescues and searches for missing hikers or hunters; what about assisting the RCMP in evidence searches? If so, perhaps becoming a Search and Rescue volunteer might just be for you.
Search and Rescue volunteers come from all demographics, with a wide range of ages, current and former professions, skills and experience.

Here are some things you should know:

  • We are a volunteer organization. We do not get paid for our work
  • Each member is responsible for providing his or her own personal gear (24 hour pack, clothing, etc )
  • We train and search in all types of weather, temperatures, and terrain (not everyone goes missing on hot days)
  • We search for all kinds of people in all kinds of situations: missing hikers, hunters, children, Alzheimer's patients, suicide victims and more. We also do evidence searches including those for human remains. You always have the option of not going on a callout, but we want you to know upfront that we do a lot more than just finding missing hikers.

St. Paul Search and Rescue Society is looking for people who are interested in helping in the Lakeland area and surrounding areas when persons are injured, lost or missing. 

Executive Positions - St. Paul SAR does have a President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, Equipment Manager, Training Director, and Members at large. These positions do go through rotation every few years.

Searchers - must have Standard First Aid, CPR and must have completed a Search and Rescue Basics course. These courses will be provided by St. Paul SAR for new members.

Support - help with setting up and maintaining command post and facilities at searches and during search exercises.

Administration - every club needs people who can keep things running smoothly.

Fund Raising and Public Relations - do you like getting out and meeting people? Help St. Paul SAR fund needed equipment and training.

All St. Paul SAR members must complete the first 20 hours of the SAR Basics Course. This 20 hour segment prepares the St. Paul SAR member to assist on searches and search exercises and speak knowledgeably about search and rescue activities in Alberta, but does not provide certification for actual searching. Part 1 of SAR Basics allows a member to act in a Support, Administrative, Fund Raising or Public Relations capacity. A certified searcher has Standard First Aid and CPR and parts 1 and 2 of SAR Basics.

Keep in mind the terrain and environments we actively work in. Being physically fit is key when you aid in an active search.

To join the group you must be:

  • Minimum of 18 years old
  • Have a clean criminal record. A record check must be completed.
  • Have transportation access 24/7



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