This page has links to help the Searcher in being prepared with their 24 hour packs, vehicles, etc.

These are the top Ten Essentials:

  • Map - Topographical maps are strongly recommended.
  • Compass - Compass know-how and an understanding of declination (the difference between a 'magnetic' and 'true' bearing) is important. 
  • Flashlight - Ensure you have an extra bulb & batteries. A head lamp is very useful.
  • Extra food & water - Carry food which requires little or no preparation (i.e. food bars). Carry Water purifications tablets. Bring it with you, and be prepared to treat all other water.
  • Extra clothing - Include a hat & gloves with your extra clothing. Rain protection is a must, wool is always a good choice for layering. A space blanket is an ideal addition to any kit.
  • Fire starter - Must be waterproof. It is a good idea to have three options for fire starting (i.e. a lighter, waterproof matches & magnesium/flint). Practice makes all the difference.
  • Candle/fuel tablets - These are remarkably effective as hand warmers, a quick hot beverage, or for making a fire much easier to start.
  • Knife - The Swiss Army knife is an excellent, basic choice. The addition of a larger camping type knife is also quite useful (i.e. gathering firewood).
  • First Aid kit - Basic First Aid & CPR training should be considered a critical part of your First Aid kit. Latex gloves and a CPR shield are important parts of your kit.
  • Signaling device - At a minimum carry a whistle. Signal mirrors are very effective, as are smoke signals & flares (potential fire hazard). 

Below are links to websites with information on what to pack in your 24 hour kits. Again, this is your kit, so think what do YOU need to be sustainable in the wilderness for a minimum of 24 hours. 





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